It’s with a heavy heart that I am announcing the Denver Broncos #Boozecast is over.

I started this journey almost three years ago after being a huge fan of what Colin Daniels, John Reidy, and Scott Stafford did and continue to do with the “Southstands Denver Fancast.”

Alas, time moves on, things change, and focuses shift. I just don’t have the time and creative freedom I once did to continue to do the show in a way that makes the Denver Broncos Boozecast, the Boozecast.

I can’t thank you, the listener enough. To the Sounthstands Denver crew, THANK YOU. The three of you are AMAZING you shared your time, talent and inspiration to me and for that I am forever grateful. To the staff at Mile High Report – Ian Henson, Laurie Lattimore-Volkman, Iant St Clair, Adam Malnati THANK YOU! To those at Mile High Huddle, Predominantly Orange, THANK YOU! To the fans like TyTheFly Guy, TravisSlur, Forever18Wheels, GuyIncognito, PegFlowerstone, Mike Koele, Kyle Graff, First Down Donte, Mike Peterson, and countless others…THANK YOU!

But there are two people whom I owe the greatest gratitude. The First Lady, Sarah Garner. Thank you for always being there when we needed a guest at the last moment, your infectious laugh and love of the Broncos truly brought a BALL DAZZLING light to the show that can never be duplicated.

Most importantly James Hernandez, my ride or die homie. My co-host and then man who brought leverage to my antics. Thank you is not enough for all you did for this little show. You got us Jake Plummer and countless s other guests that I wouldn’t have had the balls to ask. Thanks for trying to keep the show on track, keep me in check and always being there when I needed you.

People who say you can’t make best friends on the internet don’t know anything. James, Sarah and most of the people listed above have become some of my best friends ever. So ending this show is particularly hard for me. I am actually tearing up writing this.

I’m not saying it’s the last you will here from me. But for the #Boozecast, this is the last time I get to say “Good Night Denver, WE LOVE YOU!”