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#001: The Kick Off

#001: The Kick Off

“Now more than ever” as our friend John Reidy likes to say. When we last left you the NFL season was just about to kickoff. Nine weeks later our beloved Denver Broncos are in last place in the AFC West, there is dissension amongst the ranks of Broncos Country, the season seems lost.

What a great time to come back…sort of. This is not the Denver Broncos Boozecast. Yes, I will be steering the ship, and James Hernandez of 5280 Shirt Shop and Sons of Mile High fame is still co-hosting. We will still bring you awesome guests from the Denver Broncos Community, Sports Radio Hosts, and others who can bring fun, insight, and value when it comes to talking about our favorite football team.

The goal is to leave the fraternity house we built and take this to the next level. Will it still be fun? Yes! Will we still enjoy tasty beverages? Yes! Most importantly though the goal is to try and bring something new to the discussion when it comes to Broncos talk and not take the easy way and just point fingers at everything going wrong. So throw your orange Broncos jersey on, grab a drink and join James Hernandez and I for the first episode of “The Captain Bronco Show!”

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#001: The Kick Off

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