Denver Broncos Boozecast #97: Jake Marsing, The Draft, Vance-y Pants Oh My!

First, apologies for the audio in the episode. It’s aweful! Moving forward we will no longer be using Google Hangouts which will kill the live video aspect of the show, but should hopefully improve the audio quality of the podcast. My sincere apolgies to you the listner, and to Jake Marsing who brought so great Broncos talk…that I ruined with crappy audio production.

James Hernandez is out saving the world so join me and 5280 Sports Network’s Jake Marsing as we talk about the Broncos Draft Picks, what he’s seen at Broncos “Fun Camp” and impressions on Coach “Vance-y Pants”! Grab a bevera Broncos Country it’s Broncos Boozecast time.

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